Senescent exosomes in skin ageing

Dr Cleo Bishop. Department Blizard Institute Queen Mary University of London
Dr Linda Wainwright, Unilever

Project Description

There is compelling evidence that senescence drives ageing and may confer a uni-directionality to ageing. However, we have unexpectedly achieved senescence reversal yielding a highly efficient protocol for human cell rejuvenation (Lowe et al., Genome Biology, 2015).

Senescence can also lead to increased exosome release. Once liberated into the extracellular milieu, these tiny vesicles (50-90nm) are an elegant means of cell-to-cell communication. Senescence is also associated with changes in miRNA expression (Overhoff et al., NAR, 2014). miRNAs can be packaged into exosomes, and thus we hypothesises that the exosome’s cargo alters during senescence and plays an important role in ageing phenotypes.

To explore this we will utilise a spectrum of cutting edge technologies including our recently developed protocol for cellular rejuvenation, high-throughput live cell imaging, next generation sequencing, and sophisticated 3D systems to model complex in vivo relationships and examine the mechanisms of skin ageing.

This project is in partnership with Unilever R&D and incorporates an industrial training placement. We believe we are poised to make significant contributions to this exciting and emerging field, and are therefore seeking a highly motivated student with an interest in senescence, ageing and rejuvenation to join our group.


Applicants must hold, or be expected to achieve, a first or high upper second-class undergraduate honours degree or equivalent (for example BA, BSc, MSci) or a Masters degree in a relevant subject. Interested applicants are encouraged to contact Cleo Bishop ( in advance of the deadline, 20th January 2017 at 5pm.

To apply you will need to send the following documents in a single email to: All documents must be submitted in unprotected PDF format.

  • Completed Application Form (Sections A and B) including details of two Academic References
  • The disability and ethnic origin monitoring form
  • Official Final Transcripts from Completed Programmes of Study
  • Official Interim Transcripts from On-going Programmes of Study
  • English Language Qualification (if required, please see below)
  • Academic CV
  • Copy of Passport

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