LIDo Network

From its outset The London Interdisciplinary Biosciences Consortium has aimed to promote:

  • interdisciplinary approaches to difficult bioscience research problems
  • expansion of meaningful cross-institutional collaboration

The LIDo Network allows aspects of the DTPs activity to be presented as a catalyst for London-wide interdisciplinary bioscience research, providing new or established research collaborations with fully funded studentships to help get exciting work started or support continuation.

  • Pedro Bento Carvalho Almada Developing highly multiplexed technology for high-throughput super-resolution fluorescence microscopy Primary Supervisor: Ricardo Henriques (UCL)
  • Max Blanshard Synthesis of recombinant antibacterial proteins in the Chlamydomonas reinhardtii chloroplast Primary Supervisor: Saul Purton (UCL)
  • Claire Bromley Investigating biomechanical forces in zebrafish brain morphogenesis Primary Supervisor: Jon Clarke (KCL)
  • Josh Bullock The Architecture of Macromolecular Complexes - Solving A Jigsaw Puzzle Primary Supervisor: Maya Topf (Birkbeck)
  • Marcus Dawson Mechanotransduction as a regulator of the Fat-Hippo pathway in mesenchymal stem cell differentiation Primary Supervisor: Philippa Francis-West (KCL)
  • Michele Frison Role of the 18 kDa Translocator Protein in the mitochondrial response to Parkinsonian neurotoxicity Primary Supervisor: Michelangelo Campanella (RVC)
  • Jose Guerra Gene-synthesis applied to Synthetic Biology of Engineered T-cells Primary Supervisor: Martin Pule (UCL)
  • Athanasios Ignatiou Capsid Maturation of the Bacteriophage SPP1 Revealed by Cryo-Electron Microscopy Primary Supervisor: Elena Orlova (Birkbeck)
  • Sarah Macdonald Impact of Eimeria infection on Campylobacter colonisation and enteric microbiome analysis Primary Supervisor: Damer Blake (RVC)
  • Alec O'Keeffe Development of novel predictive 2D and 3D in vitro models for anti-leishmanial drug testing Primary Supervisor: Simon Croft (LSHTM)
  • Tanel Ozdemir Design and construction of therapeutic bacterial sensors in Escherichia coli Nissle 1917 Primary Supervisor: Chris Barnes (UCL)
  • Diliana Pecheva In vivo assessment of the developing brain using diffusion magnetic resonance imaging Primary Supervisor: Serena Counsell (KCL)
  • Jody Phelan A bioinformatic analysis of Mycobacterium tuberculosis and host genomic data Primary Supervisor: Taane Clark (LSHTM)
  • Rosie Rawlinson Glutathione and the Cytosolic Heme Pool Primary Supervisor: Yemisi Latunde Dadan(KCL)
  • Heather Steele Human iPS cell-based platforms for disease modelling and therapy screening for laminopathies Primary Supervisor: Francesco Saverio Tedesco (UCL)
  • Arjun Thapaliya Biophysical studies of SGTA, a protein involved in quality control Primary Supervisor: Rivka Isaacson (KCL)
  • Edward Tunnacliffe Gene expression dynamics underlying diversification and expansion of an actin gene family Primary Supervisor: Jonathan Chubb (UCL)
  • Guang Yang The roles of lipids in interecellular adhesion and cell movement Primary Supervisor: Guillaume Charras (UCL)
  • Ekaterina Yonova The genetic epidemiology and omics of age-related cataract Primary Supervisor: Chris Hammond (KCL)

Working titles only...

  • Kavin Abelak The Molecular Determinants For Fatty Acid Metabolism By Eicosanoid Metabolising Cyp450 Enzymes Primary Supervisor: David Bishop-Bailey
  • Andrew Bard Mapping the Functional Topography of Vision in the Zebrafish Primary Supervisor: Matt Grubb
  • William Barrell Functional analysis of ciliopathy mutations in human and mouse Primary Supervisor: Karen Liu
  • Jennifer Booker Structure and Function of the Human Nav1.7 Voltage-Gated Sodium Channel and Rational Drug Design of Pharmaceuticals for Treatment of Pain Primary Supervisor: Bonnie Wallace
  • Lea Brochard Novel effectors of metabolic stress signalling in adipocytes Primary Supervisor: Lazaros Foukas
  • Alexandru Chivu Cell and tissue targeting of siRNA using non-viral, biodegradable nanoparticles Primary Supervisor: Wenhui Song
  • Julia Deathridge Investigating the dynamics of kinase activity and transcription in stem cells using live cell imaging Primary Supervisor: Maddy Parsons
  • Maheen Siddiqui The role of cytochrome in altered neural responses in infants at risk of autism Primary Supervisor: Mark Johnson
  • Jade Hall Dynamic quantitative analysis of posture and movement as a indicators of bird personality and affective state in individual and group settings Primary Supervisor: Monica Daley
  • Yan-Kay Ho Rewriting the genetic code through aminoacyl-tRNA synthetase engineering Primary Supervisor: Vitor Pinheiro
  • Athene Knufer Neuronal assemblies and circuit formation: watching development in action Primary Supervisor: Jon Clarke
  • Anna Lopez-Munoz GSK3 and Beta-catenin requirements during neural crest cell migration and differentiation Primary Supervisor: Karen Liu
  • Edvinas Pakanavicius Gene regulation in the development of the vertebrate nervous system Primary Supervisor: James Briscoe
  • Ankur Perry Influence of retinal cell density on structural and functional properties of the visual topographic map in mammals Primary Supervisor: Robert Hindges
  • Jennifer Pritchard Structural, functional and genetic studies of the proteins of the BkaR regulon of M. tuberculosis, probably involved in Leucine degradation Primary Supervisor: Nicholas Keep
  • Izajur Rahman Investigating signal networks between cell adhesion molecules in monocytes and their contribution to the inflammatory response Primary Supervisor: Aleksandar Ivetic
  • Matt Ravenhall A bioinformatic analysis of malaria host and pathogen genomics Primary Supervisor: Taane Clarke
  • John Russell Regulation of the pituitary stem cell compartment in mammals Primary Supervisor: Cynthia Andoniadou
  • Hannah Safi Blood flow and the development of aneurysms: novel investigative methods Primary Supervisor: Richard Bomphrey
  • Jerzy Samolej How to build a virus: Superresolution imaging of virus architecture Primary Supervisor: Jason Mercer
  • Samuel Sherratt Natural Killer cells as effectors of vaccine-induced immunity Primary Supervisor: Martin Goodier
  • George Stanley Biophysical mechanisms of viral transport into the cell nucleus Primary Supervisor: Bart Hoogenboom
  • Susana Teixeira E Rodrigues Ramos A comprehensive single cell transcriptional profiling of multipotent and restricted cortical progenitors Primary Supervisor: Setsuko Sahara
  • Tim Walker Investigating the biology of bacteria capable of inhibiting other microorganism Primary Supervisor: Simon Gibbons
  • Catryn Williams The Evolution of Primate Gut Microbiota: implications for human and non-human primate health and disease Primary Supervisor: David Spratt
  • Lawrence Yolland The biophysics of cell motility in vivo Primary Supervisor: Mark Miodownik

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