Factors determining the optimality of the shape and friction profile of knee joint implants


The complex kinematics of the knee joint has been extensively researched. It is known that some morphological features of the knee joint like cartilage volume and the surface areas are significantly associated with the body height [1]. However, factors determining the shape and friction profile of the sliding surface of a knee joint [2] is not yet clear. Understanding of these factors become particularly crucial when dealing with knee replacement implants. The collision forces at the foot, friction in the knee joint, and gait patterns may all influence the kinematics of a replaced joint and in turn, its function and longevity. This project tries to develop a model based approach to optimise knee joint implants for people of different heights, weights, and gait parameters by capturing acoustic signals propagated along the leg representing collision forces at the foot, friction in the knee joint, and gait patterns.


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