TRANSFORM: TRAcking iNfarct Scar FORMation by nanoneedle delivery of multifunctional MRI/CT/NIR nanoparticle contrast agents to epicardial cells


The heart lacks the ability to regenerate following myocardial infarction (MI), resulting in formation of scar tissue leading to cardiac failure. Epicardial cell (ECs) are a major target for MI treatment since they activate during cardiac damage, re-express cardiac embryonic transcription factors, proliferate and contribute to tissue remodelling. TRANSOFRM will develop an efficient strategy to track ECs in-vivo to assess the mechanism and the effects of their activation. We will load multifunctional nanoparticle imaging contrast agents within nanoneedles to nanoinject them inside ECs. This will allow tracking of EC behaviour following activation using imaging methods including MRI, CT and NIR.


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