Design, synthesis, and characterisation of novel peptide bio-surfactants


Peptide bio-surfactants based on pancreatic polypeptide hormone will be engineered for use in the formulation of personal care products and pharmaceuticals. The peptides will be designed via computer-aided molecular modeling, and then synthesized using solid phase techniques. Their 3D structures will be studied using circular dichroism and nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, and their interfacial properties investigated using a combination of small angle scattering, surface tensiometry and reflectivity measurements.


Ren, Q., Kwan, A. H. and Sunde, M. Two Forms and Two Faces, Multiple States and Multiple Uses: Properties and Applications of the Self-Assembling Fungal Hydrophobins. Peptide Sci. 100, 601 – 612 (2013).


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Molecular Operating Environment (MOE), 2013.08; Chemical Computing Group Inc., 1010 Sherbooke St. West, Suite #910, Montreal, QC, Canada, H3A 2R7, 2016.

Biological Areas:

Structural Biology
Chemical Biology


Molecules, cells and industrial biotechnology