Naked Mole Rats: successful ageing through enhanced vascular structure and function?


Experimental colonies are scarce and very valuable of naked mole rats (NMRs), which age remarkably. The basis of prolonged ageing may be endothelial basement membrane hyaluronan repeats. After initial immuno- histo-chemistry, sampled pan-arterially, the student will test hypotheses that altered glycocalyx, endothelial and extracellular matrix gene expression & proteomic results underlie slower arterial stiffening, examined in-vivo in Y2-3 and ex-vivo if time/ skills allow. Work involves time with our collaborating French Inserm lab. on inflammatory/coagulation gene expression. Delicate in-vivo measurement of arterial function telemetrically requires placing catheters dextrously. The project offers international links via a unique animal model


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