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Primary SupervisorSecondary SupervisorTitle
Abraham, David (UCL)
Pitsillides, Andrew (RVC)
P1: Modulation tissue remodeling to enhance joint repair
Al-Jamal, Khuloud (KCL)
Pankhurst, Quentin (UCL)
P2: Engineering and biological evaluation of novel magnetic carbon-based nanomaterials for drug delivery
Alsford, Sam (LSHTM)
Rogers, Matthew (LSHTM)
P3: High-throughput decoding of anti-Leishmania drug efficacy and resistance
Arnvig, Kristine (UCL)
Nobeli, Irilenia (Birkbeck)
P4: Identification and characterization of iron-dependent RNA regulators in mycobacteria.
Aslanidi, Oleg (KCL)
Thomas, Geraint (UCL)
P5: Systems biology approach to aging-associated cardiac disease: From molecular imaging to whole-heart computational modelling
Bähler, Jürg (UCL)
Plagnol, Vincent (UCL)
P6: Systems-level analysis of genetic mechanisms underlying cellular ageing
Barnes, Chris (UCL)
Thomas, Geraint (UCL)
P7: Synthetic biological engineering of E coli for intestinal microbiome therapeutics using plasmid encoded toxin-antitoxin pairs
Barry, Sarah (KCL)
Sanz, Maria (KCL)
Steiner, Roberto (KCL)
P8: Developing chemical biology tools to understand the enzymatic factories that assemble microbial natural products.
Bestmann, Sven (UCL)
Dayan, Peter (UCL)
P9: Using computational models and perturbations to investigate the underpinnings of the behavioural consequences of neurostimulation
Blower, Philip (KCL)
Fraternali, Franca (KCL)
P10: Molecular modeling of “synthetic metalloproteins”: Molecular design for improved metalloconjugates of biomolecules for molecular imaging
Bomphrey, Richard (RVC)
Usherwood, Jim (RVC)
P11: Coping with non-standard morphologies: unorthodox wing shape in flies.
Campanella, Michelangelo (RVC)
Turkheimer, Federico (KCL)
P12: Imaging The Ageing Brain: Cellular And Pet Tracing Of The Mitochondrlal Translocator Protein (TSPO)
Chubb, Jonathan (UCL)
Griffin, Lewis (UCL)
P13: Imaging transcriptional termination in living cells
Clark, Taane G (LSHTM)
Bhakta, Sanjib (Birkbeck)
P14: Assembling the Mycobacterium tuberculosis genome to inform drug resistance and strain diversity
Clarke, Jon (KCL)
Owen, Dylan (KCL)
P15: Visualising membrane order during cell polarization in vivo
Conte, Maria (Sasi) (KCL)
Zammit, Peter (KCL)
P16: Analysis of the RNA-binding specificity and post-transcriptional gene regulation of LARP6 and its significance for muscle differentiation
Counsell, Serena (KCL)
Zhang, Gary (UCL)
P17: In vivo assessment of neurite morphology in the developing brain using diffusion magnetic resonance imaging
Cox, Susan (KCL)
Jones, Gareth E (KCL)
P18: Systems microscopy of the biomechanics of podosomes
Csikasz-Nagy, Attila (KCL)
Baum, Buzz (UCL)
P19: Computational modelling of epithelial tissue dynamics
Dalby, Paul (UCL)
Hailes, Helen (UCL)
P20: Synthetic biology approaches for evolving engineered multi-enzyme pathways and nano-complexes.
Daley, Monica A (RVC)
Wells, Dominic (RVC)
P21: Integrative locomotor physiology: How do freely running mice optimise the metabolic energy cost of locomotion through dynamic selection of speed and gait?
Davis, Oliver (UCL)
Lewis, Cathryn (KCL)
P22: Computational and visual analysis of the dynamic relationship between genotype and phenotype through a human lifespan
Dessimoz, Christophe (UCL)
Furnham, Nicholas (LSHTM)
P23: Pinpointing functional shifts in the evolution of enzyme families in parasites through integrated bio- and chemoinformatics analyses.
Dolphin, Annette C (UCL)
Gold, Matthew (UCL)
P24: Structural investigation of a major anti-epileptic and anti-hyperalgesic drug target
Domene, Carmen (KCL)
Wallace, Bonnie (Birkbeck)
P25: Probing the Mechanism of Gating in Sodium Channels.
Drakeley, Chris (LSHTM)
Betson, Martha (RVC)
P26: Transmission dynamics of Plasmodium knowlesi in macaques and humans
Dreiss, Cécile (KCL)
Lorenz, Chris (KCL)
P27: Responsive gel-like micellar systems for the targeted delivery of cytotoxic drugs
Dunn-Walters, Deborah (KCL)
Fraternali, Franca (KCL)
P28: Vaccination response changes with age
Eggert, Ulrike (KCL)
Charras, Guillaume (UCL)
P29: Manipulating membranes: How do lipids influence cell shape, movement and division?
Elwell, Clare (UCL)
Johnson, Mark (Birkbeck)
P30: The role of cytochrome in altered neural responses in infants at risk of autism
Evans, Susan E. (UCL)
Tucker, Abigail (KCL)
P31: Skull flexibility and the evolution of the palatoquadrate cartilage2.
Fielding, Helen (UCL)
Hailes, Helen (UCL)
Ward, John (UCL)
P32: Teaching Phages to Swim
Fitzgerald, Maria (UCL)
Olhede, Sofia (UCL)
P33: Somatosensory processing in the developing mammalian brain: regionalisation, specialisation and connectivity
Foukas, Lazaros (UCL)
Bähler, Jürg (UCL)
P34: Non-coding RNAs in metabolic ageing
Fowler, Kevin (UCL)
Pomiankowski, Andrew (UCL)
P35: Genetics of female mating decisions in an African stalk-eyed fly
Francis-West, Philippa (KCL)
Gentleman, Eileen (KCL)
Pitsillides, Andrew (RVC)
P36: Mechanotransduction as a regulator of the Fat-Hippo pathway in mesenchymal stem cell differentiation
Fruhwirth, Gilbert (KCL)
Sanz-Moreno, Victoria (KCL)
P37: Using longitudinal multi-modal in vivo imaging and metabolomics to unravel mechanisms underlying melanoma metastasis.
Galustian, Christine (KCL)
Smith, Richard (KCL)
Dasgupta, Prokar (KCL)
P38: Identification of novel immunomodulatory targets and therapies for diagnosis and treatment of Prostate cancer
Garcia-Manyes, Sergi (KCL)
Shanahan, Catherine (KCL)
P39: The nanomechanical properties of the LINC complex studied by single molecule force-clamp spectroscopy
Garden, Oliver A (RVC)
Shepherd, Adrian (Birkbeck)
P40: The evolution of immune regulation: comparative phylogenetic and protein modelling studies of regulatory molecules within the Animalia Kingdom
Gentleman, Eileen (KCL)
Auner, Holger (imperial)
Jell, Gavin (UCL)
P41: 'ERADicating' multiple myeloma bone disease: Targeting protein degradation to combine antineoplastic effects with tissue repair
Gnudi, Luigi (KCL)
Long, David (UCL)
P42: Identifying the role of new molecules implicated in epithelial-endothelial interactions using the glomerular filtration barrier as a model system.
Gooptu, Bibek (KCL) (Birkbeck)
Hawrylowicz, Catherine (KCL)
P43: Alpha1-antitrypsin and Vitamin D response in lung immunology – biophysical and cellular studies
Green, Jeremy (KCL)
Miodownik, Mark (UCL)
P44: Generation of Self-elongating tissue from embryonic cells
Guthrie, Sarah (KCL)
Price, Stephen (UCL)
P45: Cranial Motor Nucleus Circuit Formation
Hafalla, Julius (LSHTM)
Conway, David (LSHTM)
P46: Characterisation of T cell responses to malaria liver stages
Hailes, Helen (UCL)
Ward, John (UCL)
P47: Routes to Tetrahydroisoquinolines using Synthetic biology approaches and evolved enzymes.
Harvey, Robert J (UCL SOP)
Winyard, Paul (UCL)
P48: Next-generation sequencing in canine and mouse models of kidney disorders
Helmby, Helena (LSHTM)
Ward, Theresa (LSHTM)
P49: Remodelling of skeletal muscle cells by intracellular nematode pathogens of the genus Trichinella
Henriques, Ricardo (UCL)
Charras, Guillaume (UCL)
P50: A novel single-cell systems biology approach through experimental super-resolution microscopy
Hider, Robert C. (KCL)
Southworth, Rick (KCL)
P51: Development of novel gallium-68 chelator-biomolecule conjugates for cardiac imaging and protection against chemotherapy-induced cardiac injury.
Ali, Afia B. (UCL SOP)
Hilton, Stephen (UCL)
Dayan, Peter (UCL)
P52: Development of a compound to enhance memory in rat brain slices: Understanding the role of alpha 5 containing GABA receptors
Hoogenboom, Bart (UCL)
Hart, Steve (UCL)
P53: Inducing and probing flip-flop events in biological membranes
Isaacson, Rivka (KCL)
Eggert, Ulrike (KCL)
P54: Structural and functional studies of tail-anchored protein insertion
Jenner, Richard (UCL)
Luscombe, Nick (UCL)
P55: The role of non-coding RNAs in chromatin structure and epigenetic regulation
Johnston, Alan (UCL)
Sereno, Marty (UCL)
P56: Brain mechanisms for the recognition of dynamic facial expressions
Jones, Peter M (KCL)
Mills, Kevin (UCL)
P57: Applying ‘omics technologies to study how cell-cell interactions regulate pancreatic β- cell survival and function.
Keep, Nicholas (Birkbeck)
Bhakta, Sanjib (Birkbeck)
P58: Peptidoglycan enzymes as a drug target in Mycobacteria and other Pathogens
Krause, Matthias (UCL)
Way, Michael (UCL) (CR)
P59: Role of the protein Lamellipodin in cell-to-cell spread of vaccinia virus
Kudsiova , Laila (KCL)
Hailes, Helen (UCL)
Lawrence, Jayne (KCL)
Tabor, Alethea (UCL)
P60: Biologically inspired design of novel helper lipids for targeted gene therapy
Logan, James (LSHTM)
Antoniou, Anthony (UCL)
P61: Bite stress and bloodsuckers: Can immune reactions to mosquito bites reduce host attraction and mosquito fitness?
Long, Paul (KCL)
Jepson, Paul (UCL)
P62: Natural marine sunscreens as a photoprotection strategy in whales & dolphins
Lord, Graham (KCL)
Jenner, Richard (UCL)
P63: Transcription factor redistribution: a novel mechanism underlying T helper cell lineage balance
Mao, Yanlan (UCL)
Miodownik, Mark (UCL)
P64: The mechanical control of tissue regeneration
Marsh, Mark (UCL)
Martin-Serrano, Juan (KCL)
P65: Structure and function of the ESCRT machinery in membrane scission
Martin, Andrew C.R. (UCL)
Perkins, Stephen J (UCL)
P66: Predicting the Strength of Zinc Metal Binding Sites in Proteins
Meaburn, Emma (Birkbeck)
Schulz, Reiner (KCL)
P67: Investigation of the genetic basis of cognitive ability informed by the genetic basis of cognitive dysfunction
Mesquida, Patrick (KCL)
Wood, Steve (UCL)
P68: Single-molecule electrostatic imaging of biomolecular interactions
Millar, Neil (UCL)
Wallace, Bonnie (Birkbeck)
P69: Pharmacological characterisation of neuronal nicotinic acetylcholine receptors by molecular and computational techniques
Molokhia , Mariam (KCL)
Dudbridge, Frank (LSHTM)
P70: Risk prediction in translational medicine: Drug Induced Liver Injury (DILI)
Moores, Carolyn (Birkbeck)
Christodoulou, John (UCL)
P71: Elucidating on/off switches for an essential mitotic motor
Murdan, Sudaxshina (UCL SOP)
Croft, Simon (LSHTM)
P72: Development of predictive ex vivo skin infection model for cutaneous leishmaniasis
Niederer, Steven (KCL)
Rinaldi, Aldo (KCL)
P73: Redistribution of Work and Blood Flow During Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy
Nikolova, Penka (KCL)
Okorokov, Andrei (UCL)
P74: Biomolecular characterization of the interactions between the tumor suppressor p53 and MAGE-A proteins
Nobeli, Irilenia (Birkbeck)
Arnvig, Kristine (UCL)
P75: Towards the discovery of novel riboswitches: Development of computational methods and experimental validation of a hidden regulatory RNA treasure-trove in mycobacteria
Oakey, Rebecca (KCL)
Schulz, Reiner (KCL)
P76: Dissecting novel mechanisms for transcript diversity in development
Okorokov, Andrei (UCL)
Orlova, Elena (Birkbeck)
P77: Molecular structure of the p63 tumour suppressor and its complex with DNA.
Orengo, Christine (UCL)
Ward, John (UCL)
P78: Diverse bacterial communities to design new industrial enzymes and discover novel antibiotics
Orlova, Elena (Birkbeck)
Topf, Maya (Birkbeck)
P79: BioMedical applications of viruses using a model system: Cryo-electron microscopy and Computational Biology to study how phage SP50 kills a Gram-positive bacteria.
Orlu-Gul, Mine (UCL SOP)
Partridge, Linda (UCL)
P80: The effect of rapamycin loaded nanoparticles on the extension of lifespan in laboratory model organisms
Owen, Dylan (KCL)
Burrone, Juan (KCL)
P81: Imaging membrane biophysical properties during action potential generation
Page, Karen (UCL)
Briscoe, James (NIMR)
P82: Mathematical modelling of gene regulation in the vertebrate neural tube
Perkins, Stephen J (UCL)
Beavil, Andrew J (KCL)
P83: Effect of conformational mobility in IgE hinges on its biological function
Piper, Matthew (UCL)
Blanc, Eric (KCL)
P84: A novel genome-based approach to develop personalised nutrition for improved long-term health and delayed ageing
Pitsillides, Andrew (RVC)
Poulet, Blandine (UCL)
P85: Modelling the mechanical drivers of osteoarthritis
Pomiankowski, Andrew (UCL)
Griffin, Lewis (UCL)
P86: The evolution of infertility under sexual selection
Pule, Martin (UCL)
Aeppli, Gabriel (UCL)
P87: Building a digital DNA Printer: nanoelectronic guided assembly of arbitrary DNA sequences
Purton, Saul (UCL)
Charalambous, Bambos (UCL)
P88: Synthesis of protein antibiotics using a microalgal chassis
Ridley, Anne (KCL)
Fraternali, Franca (KCL)
P89: Systems Biology analysis of protein networks in cell migration
Rihel, Jason (UCL)
Sugden, David (KCL)
P90: Resolving the Molecular and Neuronal Mechanisms of Melatonin’s Effects on Sleep in Larval Zebrafish
Riley, Eleanor (LSHTM)
Ward, Theresa (LSHTM)
P91: Natural Killer cells as effectors of vaccine-induced immunity
Rogers, Matthew (LSHTM)
Raynes, john (LSHTM)
P92: The role of Leishmania phosphoglycans in sand fly vectorial competency.
Rosta, Edina (KCL)
Werner, Finn (UCL)
P93: Computational-experimental study of RNA polymerase assembly into catalytically active complexes and of their associated molecular mechanisms
Russell, Claire (RVC)
Harvey, Robert J (UCL SOP)
P94: Functional analysis of proteins in the lysosomal pathway
Saibil, Helen (Birkbeck)
Topf, Maya (Birkbeck)
P95: Structural and computational analysis of protein refolding in membrane pore formation
Santini, Joanne (UCL)
Wallace, Bonnie (Birkbeck)
P96: Arsenite oxidation in a model thermophile
Sanz, Maria (KCL)
Blower, Philip (KCL)
P97: Conformational characterization of clinically important fluorinated molecular imaging agents
Sanz-Moreno, Victoria (KCL)
Csikasz-Nagy, Attila (KCL)
P98: Dynamics of molecular interactions that influence cell polarity and movement
Shipley, Rebecca (UCL)
Walker-Samuel, Simon (UCL)
P99: Simulation and Non-Invasive Measurement of Regional Tumour Blood Flow and Oxygenation
Sousa-Nunes, Rita (KCL)
Lowe, Alan (UCL)
P100: Lineage reconstruction from live imaging of neural tumours growing in an intact tissue – evidence for cancer stem cells?
Stramer, Brian (KCL)
Cox, Susan (KCL)
P101: Analyzing the biomechanics of Contact Inhibition of Locomotion
Sturzenbaum, Stephen (KCL)
Suhling, Klaus (KCL)
Green, Mark (KCL)
P102: The biological, physical and chemical characterization of biosynthesized quantum dots
Suhling, Klaus (KCL)
Ameer-Beg, Simon (KCL)
P103: Development of Time-resolved Fluorescence Anisotropy Imaging (tr-FAIM) using a Single- Photon Avalanche Diode (SPAD) array to map diffusion and homo-FRET in living cells
Tabor, Alethea (UCL)
Hailes, Helen (UCL)
Lawrence, Jayne (KCL)
P104: Tuning the in vivo stability of PEG-coated targeted liposomes: a biophysical investigation of the interplay between PEG structure, cellular uptake and biodistribution.
Taylor, Peter W. (UCL SOP)
Long, Paul (KCL)
P105: Capsule depolymerisation: a novel approach to the treatment of inhalation anthrax
Tedesco, Francesco Saverio (UCL)
Zammit, Peter (KCL)
P106: Human iPS cell-based platforms for disease modelling and therapy screening for laminopathies
Telford, Max (UCL)
Dessimoz, Christophe (UCL)
P107: Resolving Deep Animal Phylogeny Through Genome-wide Maximum Likelihood Phylogenetic Inference
Thanh, Nguyen TK (UCL)
Zhi, Zheng-liang (KCL)
P108: MRI monitoring of transplanted islet cells in vivo using biofunctionalized magnetic nanoparticles as contrast agent
Thanou, Maya (KCL)
MacMillan, Derek (UCL)
Green, Mark (KCL)
P109: Imaging the effect of targeting on nanoparticle kinetics
Thomas, Mark (UCL)
Fuller, Dorian (UCL)
Ellis, Peter (KCL)
P110: Human adaptation to Neolithic dietary change
Thomas, Sarah (KCL)
Dreiss, Cécile (KCL)
P111: An inter-disciplinary approach to eradicate HIV reservoirs in the brain using nanotechnology.
Thompson, Katherine (Birkbeck)
Lawrence, Jayne (KCL)
P112: Oxidative damage to lipid rafts
Tomas, Salvador (Birkbeck)
Boucrot, Emmanuel (UCL)
P113: Small molecules that bend lipid membranes: towards a self-motile, chemotactic nano-containers
Tomley, Fiona (RVC)
Blake, Damer (RVC)
P114: The molecular basis for distinct host and tissue tropisms of coccidian parasites
Topf, Maya (Birkbeck)
Thalassinos, Konstantinos (UCL)
Waksman, Gabriel (UCL)
P115: The Architecture Of Macromolecular Complexes - Solving A Jigsaw Puzzle.
Tucker, Abigail (KCL)
Evans, Susan E. (UCL)
P116: Skull and jaw kinesis in snakes: novel structures and enormous gapes
Moss, Guy (UCL)
Vergani, Paola (UCL)
Dua, Vivek (UCL)
P117: Developing a mathematical model of bronchial airway epithelia to investigate the disease cystic fibrosis
Wagner, Gerd (KCL)
Howorka, Stefan (UCL)
P118: A Nano-Approach to Enzyme Assays
Wagner, Gerd (KCL)
Wren, Brendan (LSHTM)
P119: Novel chemical tools for the investigation of bacterial virulence factors – towards a new class of anti-glycosyltransferase antibiotics
Waksman, Gabriel (UCL)
Orlova, Elena (Birkbeck)
P120: Structural and molecular investigation of the Type IV pilus assembly machinery from the meningitis-causing bacterial pathogen, Neisseria meningitis
Wallace, Bonnie (Birkbeck)
Patel, Sandip (UCL)
P121: Functional architecture of the two-pore channel.
Wardle, Fiona (KCL)
Szita, Nicolas (UCL)
P122: Stem cell fate determination by microfluidics-controlled morphogen gradients
Wilson, Stephen (UCL)
Ourselin, Sebastien (UCL)
P123: Developing Imaging technologies and software to describe and analyse zebrafish neuroanatomical circuits.
Wren, Brendan (LSHTM)
Dorrell, Nick (LSHTM)
P124: Investigation of the role of outer membrane vesicles in Campylobacter jejuni pathogenesis.
Yan, Ran (KCL)
Blower, Philip (KCL)
P125: Development of 64Cu labeled novel PET tracer for nitric oxide in vivo imaging