Defining immunomodulatory interactions of alpha1-antitrypsin in vivo with biophysical, structural, proteomic and cell biological studies


The protein alpha1-antitrypsin has important anti-inflammatory roles.  Some of these relate to its best-understood function (protease inhibition), but others do not.  Thus we have recently characterized a central role for alpha1-antitrypsin in immune cell responses to VitaminD.  Our data support the importance of a direct interaction between alpha1-antitrypsin and a complement component.  This project will characterise the interaction by mass-spectrometry, NMR and crystallographic studies of ex vivo and recombinant samples. We will also search for further alpha1-antitrypsin:cytokine interactions of pathophysiological relevance MS proteomics of patient samples and healthy controls.  We will assess pathophysiological relevance by immune cell biology studies.

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